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Powering Your Social Brand Channel with User Generated Content

The Impact of User Generated Content on Your Social Brand Channel

Learn more about UGC and its brand boosting benefits and how you can cope with consumers’ insatiable appetite for content.

One of the biggest challenges brands face today involves creation of original social media content. Brands can cope with this ever-rising demand for fresh content by handing over the reigns to consumers. In today’s consumer-driven marketing space, brands don’t sell brands; people do. 

Thismoment’s whitepaper tells you why UGC is the next big thing in the social marketing space, why it works and how you can deploy winning UGC campaigns using our Distributed Engagement Channel (DEC). 

About Thismoment

Thismoment delivers a cloud-based enterprise platform for digital experience marketing, called the Distributed Engagement Channel (DEC). In active deployment by hundreds of Fortune 500 brands, DEC is used to create, distribute and measure dynamic brand experiences across multiple sites and devices at a global scale. Deployed in more than 43 countries and 60 languages, DEC powers hundreds of brand experiences and channels spanning Facebook, YouTube, Web, tablet, mobile, and digital outdoor for many of the world's biggest brands.

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